Monday, October 25, 2004

Shakespeare... A Muslim?

The guardian has an article, questioning whether William Shakespeare , "Britain's greatest export", was a Sufi Muslim or not.

"... the new theory will attempt to persuade Shakespeare scholars that the
playwright was a member of a religious or spiritual order which can best be
compared to the philosophy of Sufism.

The respected academic Dr Martin Lings will put forward this thesis in his lecture on 23 November. 'Shakespeare would have delighted in Sufism,' said Lings, who is 96 and an adherent of Sufism. 'We can see he obviously knew a lot about some kind of equivalent sect or order.'

Lings argues that the guiding principles of Sufi thought are evident in Shakespeare's writing. The plays, he believes, depict a struggle between the dawning modernist world and the traditional, mystical value system. And, like the Sufis, the playwright is firmly on the side of tradition and spiritualism.",11711,1334860,00.html

It is quiet interesting knowing that Shakespeare's life is still a mystery for his scholars till these days.