Friday, November 26, 2004

Blog is Abandoned

This is the last post in this blog....

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Can Al-Jazeera Succeed Where Others Failed?

Al-Jazeera is planning to spend 30$ million on a new English news Channel to try to give a new pespective on the middle east news, other than those presented by western media.

Will it succeed? I hope..!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

US Neo-Nazists in Action

When someone ask where from did the mojority of the US citizens hatred and ignorance comes, the first answer will definitely be "MEDIA". And the lastest "Imus in the Morning" radio program was another evidence. When an openely anti-Arab Islamophobic has his show then what other than racism and bigotry could be expected??

"Filthy animals [...] kill them all" said by an on-air colleague and encouraged by Don Imus the program's host!!

How "civilized" those Americans are?!

[Update on Nov.21, 10:38 PM]

CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, made a press release earlier.

And this is another blogrant...

After a Short Lull, Israeli Forces Back to the Killing Duty

Palestinian childhood murdered again. Two Palestinian children were shoot dead in occupied Nablus by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

The two children's only crime was being armed with stones and throwing them at the tanks of the israeli army. Yes, at those tanks belonging to the fourth largest weapons arsenal in the world.

The israeli army was in another occupation mission in Palestine when some of the armed israeli soldiers shot the boys from their armored hi-tech tanks.

One may wonder how the media is reporting this as a "clash"?!

Just Kill and We Regret....

On Nov. 18 the Israeli Occupation Forces killed three Egyptian policemen on the borders with Rafah. Why? The israeli sources (what a reliable source!) gave the old-boring "shot-by-error" excuse. The Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Zeev Boim said that it is "regrettable incident with serious consequences."

As if the Israeli politicians are telling one thing to the occupation forces: "Don't worry about killing innocents,we will later regret".

Friday, November 19, 2004

Light of Hope Coming from Spain...

As we - in the Arab World - see and suffer the fact that the majority of the citizens in the western world are misinformed about the Palestinian cause and the Arabs sufferings caused by Zionist terrorism, the partial change of this fact we've witnessed in other European countries we see now in Spain.

The northwestern city of Spain, Oleiros, has conducted a new anti-Sharon campaign. New public signs were shown on the streets saying: "Stop the beast! Sharon killer. Stop to the neo-Nazist.

The billboard was shown on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 and caused the objection of the israeli foreign ministry...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Take No Prisoners.... Leave No Alive...

As the news media circulate the story of the war crime caught by NBC camera in Falluja mosque, one should wonder how many times the US army has violated the rules of engagement and the international law. The camera has caught this one but surely had left many. One may also ask if the soldiers are instructed to follow the morality and the rules of engagement or otherwise encourage to commit war crime by those higher in army ranks.

Eyewitnesses assures that the execution is not an isolated incident, but what we've seen is only the tip of the iceberg of US army horrors in Iraq, as Sites -NBC news reporter- said:

"The slain man was among a group of men wounded in fighting a day earlier at the mosque and left there. Three others in the group were also shot again Saturday by Marines, Sites said. "

Found also in

BBC Eyewitnesses from Inside Falluja

The BBC has two eyewitness accounts from its reporter Paul Wood, embedded with the US occupation forces, and Fadhil Badrani, an Iraqi journalist and resident of Falluja.

"I have seen some strange things recently, such as stray dogs snatching bites out of bodies lying on the streets." Fadhil Badrani

"But given the volume of gunfire which is being poured out by the Americans, any civilians who are still here, of course their plight is desperate." Paul Wood

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Americans Misinformed? Ofcourse....

When I searched google for the latest war crime story in Iraq, I noticed that most of the "respected" US media was in a state of dismissal! The US media did not totally dismiss the story, but actually gave another form of the story.

On US media the version is always different. It reportes the aftermath, the investigations the charges sentenced to the murderer American officer. That fake mask of US army abiding by the law is always falsefully portrayed. The US media is still living that mixture of arrogance and denial.

How many innocents will be killed before the Americans wake up?!

Another US Army War Crime

We are lucky that the world will see this crime out of many war crimes committed by the US army in Iraq that remained covered.

The camera caught the event of an American soldier killing a wounded Iraqi resistance fighter. The victim was lying down wounded on the floor of a mosque in Fallujah when a US marine approached and said that the man is still breathing and faking death, then he raised his rifle and shoot him in the head!! has a video download. and the story is reported


And American TERRORISM continues....

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Eid-ul-Fitr for all Muslims....

Best Wishes in this year's Eid-ul-Fitr....

For greetings visit or search google

Friday, November 12, 2004

Vanunu Arrested.... Again!

The Israeli nuclear program whistleblower, was arrested again by Israeli police for violating release terms by leaking information to foreign press. , according to the police sources.

After ending an 18-year prison term 7 months ago, Vanunu was arrested again and said:

"This is a disgrace to Israeli democracy!" Vanunu shouted to journalists as he was led into court. "They want to punish me again. They cannot punish me twice. I suffered 18 years in prison. I have the right to be free."

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat: A Historic Figure Passed Away....

My Deepest condolences to the Palestinians for the loss of their historic leader Yasser Arafat. A leader of the struggle for the Palestinian Statehood for over 40 years.

May the Palestinians get their freedom and win their struggle for peace and defeat the Israeli genocidal policies.

Why not in Palestinian Jerusalem?

After Israel's rejection to bury Arafat in Jerusalem, his aids suggested quickly to bury him in Ramallah.

The burial plan seemed as an agreement to decades-old Israeli plan to jewify Jerusalem and try to change its Islamic and Arabic cultural face.

Why? Shouldn't have they tried once at least to ask for the proper burial?

The US suppressing Arab Media....!!!

The State that brags about its "democracy" and freedom, has -with deep sadness- succeeded in suppressing the Arab media when it is about the atrocities committed by the US-led forces in Iraq. Yes, that same state that lectures the world about democracy, has committed the most gruesome war crimes and killed thousands of innocent in Iraq, and now doing its job muting the voice of the suppressed.

Since the beginning of the attack on Fallujah, the Arabic media was surprisingly muted!
Major Arabic TV's and newspaper have reported little on the civilian casualties.

IMHO, many reasons would contribute to such dangerous phenomena:

  • The US forces have controlled the Falluja hospital as a first step in its attack so that it could prevent the medical reports about the deaths, being the most reliable ones.
  • The Iraqi prime minister - the American puppet - Ayad Allawi ordered to close Al-Jazeera TV office in Baghdad three months ago.
  • The Iraqi resistance can't have embedded journalism, while US have a number of embedded journalists that can only send reports approved by the US forces.
  • Journalism in Iraq is a very dangerous profession. A big number of journalists have been killed in Iraq since the first day on occupation. In 2003 alone, 36 journalists have been killed.

BBC has a new story about the Arab media silence.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saddam's leg for sale?!

A German is selling online the left leg of Saddam's statue toppled back in April 2003 by US forces.

The leg was sold by £6000 "to someone who wanted it as a birthday prezzie for his dear old dad." as the register says on Wednesday 10th November 2004!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Can Google do this...!!

Now google censures Abu Ghraib pictures from its image search results!

I've read it in my freindly techy site, which also mentions google's justification as being a technical problem relating to image indexing!

Till Google performs its image indexing work, I'd better go back to the good old altavista.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Hezbollah's plane... Israel's Shock!

For the first time ever in guerilla style fighting, The Islamic Resistance - the military wing of Hizbullah - uses a drone plane as tactical option in its fight against the state of terror Israel.

A video was distributed by the organization and here are some captures from the AFP:

Here is some of what in the news:

The Star


The shock on the Israeli side was obvious in the Israeli newspapers headlines:

"Breach in aerial security. Air force embarrassed. Hezbollah sees all," read Monday's front-page headline in Israel's top-selling daily Yediot Aharonot.

"And what if next time the drone carries a bomb?" asked the daily


"We must know immediately how it's possible for such a rudimentary device to pass through the Israeli army's heavy air defences, in which billions have been invested," said opposition Labour MP Eitan Cabel.

The last and the least to be said: "Great job Hezbollah".

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I love Daily Mirror

What I thought about the results of the US presidential elections, I found in a British newspaper.

The Daily Mirror

I respect the choice of the Americans but can only watch the bad consequences on US and the World!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Landslide for Nader

In a survey made in Lebanon's biggest educational institution, the American University of Beirut (AUB), by its official student newspaper Outlook, the students overwhelmingly voted for Ralph Nader. The result were as follows:

3.9% for Bush
33.7% for Kerry
62.4% for Nader

"AUB students overwhelmingly voted for Ralph Nader in Outlook’s US Presidential Election survey. A mere 3.9 percent of the 1000 students polled opted for Bush, while a modest 33.7 percent voted for Kerry. The remaining 62.4 percent chose Nader.

[...] AUB students responded that religion does not influence their votes (59.2 percent), while 30.7 percent say it does. By a small margin, students also replied that “US policy toward Syria” influences their vote (48.1%), while 40.3% say it does not. Students also believe the United States is fighting a war against Islam (48.8%) with only 22.3% saying no and 18.9% undecided."

The article talks for itself about the reasons behind Nader's popularity among the Lebanese higher education students.