Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Landslide for Nader

In a survey made in Lebanon's biggest educational institution, the American University of Beirut (AUB), by its official student newspaper Outlook, the students overwhelmingly voted for Ralph Nader. The result were as follows:

3.9% for Bush
33.7% for Kerry
62.4% for Nader

"AUB students overwhelmingly voted for Ralph Nader in Outlook’s US Presidential Election survey. A mere 3.9 percent of the 1000 students polled opted for Bush, while a modest 33.7 percent voted for Kerry. The remaining 62.4 percent chose Nader.

[...] AUB students responded that religion does not influence their votes (59.2 percent), while 30.7 percent say it does. By a small margin, students also replied that “US policy toward Syria” influences their vote (48.1%), while 40.3% say it does not. Students also believe the United States is fighting a war against Islam (48.8%) with only 22.3% saying no and 18.9% undecided."


The article talks for itself about the reasons behind Nader's popularity among the Lebanese higher education students.


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