Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Take No Prisoners.... Leave No Alive...

As the news media circulate the story of the war crime caught by NBC camera in Falluja mosque, one should wonder how many times the US army has violated the rules of engagement and the international law. The camera has caught this one but surely had left many. One may also ask if the soldiers are instructed to follow the morality and the rules of engagement or otherwise encourage to commit war crime by those higher in army ranks.

Eyewitnesses assures that the execution is not an isolated incident, but what we've seen is only the tip of the iceberg of US army horrors in Iraq, as Sites -NBC news reporter- said:

"The slain man was among a group of men wounded in fighting a day earlier at the mosque and left there. Three others in the group were also shot again Saturday by Marines, Sites said. "

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At 19 November 2004 at 21:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what makes this truly horrendous is because we know (oh, how well we know) that these gunmen would never dream of doing something like that to a wounded American soldier. The Americans are so busy decapitating unarmed civilians and it's no wonder that they'd even shoot dead a wounded gunman. They should learn from the Arabs and Muslims how to treat the enemy. Salaam.

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