Sunday, November 21, 2004

US Neo-Nazists in Action

When someone ask where from did the mojority of the US citizens hatred and ignorance comes, the first answer will definitely be "MEDIA". And the lastest "Imus in the Morning" radio program was another evidence. When an openely anti-Arab Islamophobic has his show then what other than racism and bigotry could be expected??

"Filthy animals [...] kill them all" said by an on-air colleague and encouraged by Don Imus the program's host!!

How "civilized" those Americans are?!

[Update on Nov.21, 10:38 PM]

CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, made a press release earlier.

And this is another blogrant...


At 24 November 2004 at 04:56, Blogger DuctapeFatwa said...

Thank you for blogging it. I check google every day, and still nobody is picking it up.

Not even the foreign press. It is that much not news, even to the east, that calls to genocide are now such an acceptable reflection of American culture that the fact that such a call is trumpeted on mainstream morning shows, where the families gather with their cereal, is taken for granted.

At 24 November 2004 at 16:04, Blogger Arabian Knight said...

Yeah... same thoughts... I'm wondering how the "kill-them-all" attitude is common in the USA!!

At 28 December 2004 at 18:45, Blogger mulligan said...

Please know that the "kill them all" attitude is not common in the U.S. Unfortunately, it's the one that gets the most air. Yes, the media is to blame for that.

I am an American. I have never held the attitude that we should "kill them all." I also hate shows like Imus that spout such hate filled drivel. I wish that shows that do not profess such attitudes got more air. Shows like Imus' make us all seem like heartless, hate-mongers. We aren't, but it's hard to know that when the media is so eager to show otherwise.

At 30 December 2004 at 05:54, Blogger Arabian Knight said...

Thanks for your comment mulligan, as an american voice is needed here. Obviously I did not make a generalization but a question about the growing extremism and "kill-them-all" attitudes in the US.

And yes, I agree, the media is a problem in US, and for me it is a disease, a main factor for promoting the xenophobic atmosphere along other phobias.

As an Arabic it really hurts me and makes me angry and desperate when a country like USA claims to be a freedom dispatcher, while it is heavily controlled by media corps and its foreign policy almost a copy of Israeli foreign policy; Any change in this policy is impossible when the rich lobbies have the upper hand - a state I call "loss of sovereignty"!!


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