Thursday, November 11, 2004

The US suppressing Arab Media....!!!

The State that brags about its "democracy" and freedom, has -with deep sadness- succeeded in suppressing the Arab media when it is about the atrocities committed by the US-led forces in Iraq. Yes, that same state that lectures the world about democracy, has committed the most gruesome war crimes and killed thousands of innocent in Iraq, and now doing its job muting the voice of the suppressed.

Since the beginning of the attack on Fallujah, the Arabic media was surprisingly muted!
Major Arabic TV's and newspaper have reported little on the civilian casualties.

IMHO, many reasons would contribute to such dangerous phenomena:

  • The US forces have controlled the Falluja hospital as a first step in its attack so that it could prevent the medical reports about the deaths, being the most reliable ones.
  • The Iraqi prime minister - the American puppet - Ayad Allawi ordered to close Al-Jazeera TV office in Baghdad three months ago.
  • The Iraqi resistance can't have embedded journalism, while US have a number of embedded journalists that can only send reports approved by the US forces.
  • Journalism in Iraq is a very dangerous profession. A big number of journalists have been killed in Iraq since the first day on occupation. In 2003 alone, 36 journalists have been killed.

BBC has a new story about the Arab media silence.


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